Behold The Fowls of The Air

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2 Responses

  1. Your little pine warbler has a good "freeze" alternative to fight or flight. You know you are living the sandwich generation life now, right? parents are one slice, child is the other, you are the ham/jam in the middle. For several years, when I felt lonely for my son, I acted on the feeling by calling my mom, to give her what I wanted from him (confident she likewise wanted it from me).

  2. You make a very good point! The realization just hit me….my Mom is texting now and she loves it. Plus I gave her a Kindle and she is a ravenous reader of memoirs. I know each time she finishes a book because my Facebook page updates. I just got her a tablet so that she can also Netflix, games, Facebook, email…all from the comfort of sitting next to Dad without disturbing his comfortable Fox News broadcasts. Like you say…I hope that my son provides me with such comfort years from now.

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