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Data Addiction

You know you are addicted to data when… I wrote a story ’bout it; wanna hear it? Here it goes… Publix has this system where you can sign up on their website using your phone...

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Behold The Fowls of The Air

If your family members are suffering the tragic loss via dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, or early onset alzheimer’s, this story may hit home. Often I’m confused by the selection of specific phrases from books,...

Big Data, Politics and My Favorite Tech School 0

Big Data, Politics and My Favorite Tech School

Georgia Tech [GTRI] wins DARPA $2.7m to advance Big-Data! If you didn’t know–the Internet itself was born out of DARPA (who was Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) within the DoD) when the US gov...

I Vote For Zombies 0

I Vote For Zombies

I saw three of my unconnected Facebook friends post that they cried watching a zombie series show this evening.  Not because of unending negative political posts…not because of Sandy victims…but zombies….me?…I watched a 1975...

“Steer” Clear of the Pig Barn 0

“Steer” Clear of the Pig Barn

Perhaps the fair and farm animal exhibitions/displays should be avoided. Even if you “steer” clear of the animal exhibitions remember that you (or your kids) are eating, riding, and porta-pottying with those who did...

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