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This technology category provides in-depth blog posts about how technology has impacted lives, provides insight into social networking, and brings new light on how technology changes lives.

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Facebook Trust

Face it, we’re all losing our trust in Facebook.  Okay, it’s entirely gone.  However, you can make some modifications so you can keep your profile.  #DeleteFacebook is an option; but like me, you might...

Expensive Football and Other Fun 0

Expensive Football and Other Fun

  Amount of money each player on the winning Super Bowl team receives: $88,000 (almost $4M) Cost of a 30 second Super Bowl spot: $3.5 Million (last year 78 commercials ran = $273 Million)...

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Data Addiction

You know you are addicted to data when… I wrote a story ’bout it; wanna hear it? Here it goes… Publix has this system where you can sign up on their website using your phone...

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