Compare Instacart and Shipt – Which is Better?

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  1. SarP says:

    I am not in Atlanta, but I expect Instacart is the same anywhere? So I created an order for next day noon delivery with Instacart. I made sure to add to special instructions that the quantity of the item must be exactly as ordered, not less. If the ordered quantity is not available, the order should be canceled completely. So the next day at 9 am I get a chat message from the shopper statitng the quantity will be only about third of what was ordered. And she logged off from the chat. I still replied that the order is canceled. She never logged in to the chat again. She either didn’t get or. Didn’t read my original instructions either. I logged in to Instacart website but couldn’t make any changes at all because the shopping was done. Couldn’t even find phone number for the support without googling it. Once I was on the phone I was able to cancel the order. The representative was able to see my ordinal instructions about quantity and couldn’t explain why the shopper didn’t see them or ignored them. This was time wasted for both myself and for the shopper. What did I do wrong? How should I have done differently if I needed to get for example 30 bottles of mineral water, but not less than that?

    • cmckissack says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Good question! It is a challenge for the shopper to not only read your specific instructions but to allow time for you to respond. Here’s the thing: when I used the app (it’s an app you install on your mobile phone) to communicate with the customer it sometimes appeared that there was some sort of lag. By that, I mean that whatever communication vehicle Instacart is using was slowing the messages down. Since Instacart owns the communication and the shopper cannot/should not retain your personal information, once they have completed the order all that information is gone. You did exactly what you should have which was to add special instructions that you want an exact amount (and no substitutions). If it were me, I would not only add that in the special instructions but also in the item details you can sometimes add things like, “ripe banana”, I would have added, “Only exact amount or cancel”. The shopper cannot cancel an order so they would have had to call shopper support team. The shopper probably was just at checkout when they messaged you and went into checkout mode which closes the chat component until they are ready to start delivery. The best thing to do at this point is to call customer support to cancel the order.

  2. Kesh says:

    Instacart must be in the habit of delivering orders that where cancelled. They did the same to me and tried to deny it until I emailed the proof. It was canceled less than 10 minutes from ordering.

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