Game Changing Grocery Delivery Service

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  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Connie! I work full-time and I have anxiety that’s particularly triggered in grocery stores, so Instacart has been a dream come true for me. I always tip at least 10% and I keep my orders fairly large. I usually rate my orders as a 5, and I don’t normally rate if I would leave less than a 5. I do request that my groceries are left at the door (because, anxiety). Am I shorting my shopper anything by making this request? My main shopper is amazing, and she always goes above and beyond for me. I can swallow my anxiety and answer the door if it’s important, but if the only reason to do so is so my shopper can impress me, I’ll be comfortable in continuing to request things be left at my door. Thanks so much for your insight!

    • cmckissack says:

      Hi Jessica!!

      I am so glad to hear that grocery delivery (like Instacart and Shipt) help with your anxiety. Alot of people don’t think of that! Putting a little note somewhere in the customer comments or maybe if a shopper has to contact you via chat; telling them that you appreciate their service is plenty. Even a post-it on the door. I delivered to a home once where I was really unsure of where to exactly put the food since the area just didn’t seem right. While I was standing there considering my options I got a message from the person inside the house, “You can leave everything on the table in the carport.”. So I knew that they were not going to come to the door. We usually know the difference between the non-tipping communication versus someone who appreciates us. Most shoppers will understand and also gives them more time to get on to the next shop! Those 5 stars mean additional income, so make sure you always rate the 5 when you feel it is appropriate!

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