How Much Should You Tip Amazon Prime Now Driver?

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13 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    I believe you should not tip people who work for large corporations because you provide an incentive and people will accept lower paying job in hopes to earn tips so at the end of the day, you tipping corporation.

    • cmckissack says:

      Hi Alex, thank you for your comment. There is only one way to test that theory and that is for all tipping to stop. That will never happen. One way to test your theory, is to work as a gig economy contractor and refuse or give all tips to charity then see if your business income is enough to live on.

  2. Chelsea Malia Ponzo says:

    I just read that the prime now delivery drivers are not allowed to accept cash tips. What i am doing is leaving a smaller tip online when i order and upon food arriving you can change the tip based on good service for up to 24 hours.

  3. Alex says:

    So the grocery shopper and the person who deliver it are not the same person is that correct? If that is the case how do we tip both?

    • cmckissack says:

      That is correct; in Amazon’s case for Whole Foods grocery delivery, the person who delivers your food is an independent contractor and does not provide shopping services. As well as Walmart and Kroger delivery. Walmart and Kroger employees shop your groceries, and companies like Door Dash, Postmates, or Shipt deliver them – but that person is still an independent delivery person.

  4. cmckissack says:

    For Amazon Prime (Whole Foods), the shopper and delivery person are not the same. For Instacart the shopper and delivery person are the same, Shipt also has a shopper and delivery person, but if you order straight from Walmart or Kroger – the delivery person is not the shopper.

  5. me says:

    I tip shoppers but not drivers. Why tip the driver? Whole foods should be paying for that, not me, if delivery is indeed supposed to be included.

    • cmckissack says:

      Why tip the driver? I was a driver and shopper for some weeks to experience gig-economy life. That’s why I tip the driver because I am acutely aware of the earnings and how hard it is to make a living. However, you don’t have to tip at all. It’s absolutely your choice. Eventually, that personal service will be replaced with mass deliveries and less human touch – but for now, I believe in tipping and understand how it helps the bottom line.

    • Lisa says:

      You tip the driver because they are providing you a service. My goodness. I’m a driver. I would never in a million years be able to do this without tips. Amazon only pays us a flat rate. We pay for own gas, the wear and tear on our vehicle. Not to mention most of my deliveries are approx 40 mins away from the store. Customers don’t realize these deliveries are not coming out of the store that’s closest to you. Only a few stores are set up for this service. So we have to go to that location even if it’s far from your house. This is a service. If we didn’t get tipped we would average less than minimum wage an hour.
      Do you tip your server at a restaurant? They didn’t make your food. Same thing. That cook didn’t spend their money making your food. The tip of course goes to the person that brought you your food. The one that provided the service for you.
      Don’t be cheap people. You’re not having to leave your house. Use your gas. Bring your children to the store. Sweat in the heat. Tip your drivers. The service your getting from Amazon is free.

  6. Martin Yonan says:

    I am a prime member so shipping is free and I get deliveries free of charge , Why is Whole Foods any different , are they drivers with their own cars or that prime truck

    • cmckissack says:

      Whole Foods – or Amazon Now/Fresh type deliveries are slightly different than receiving packages via Amazon Prime. When ordering fresh food from Amazon ( the delivery person is probably contracted to pick up the food from Whole Foods as it was packed by a Whole Foods (Amazon) employee then placed in a waiting area until your delivery driver picks it up and delivers it.

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