Instacart Shopper Service Top Ten Tips

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5 Responses

  1. Matthew Miller says:

    I have heard Instacart suggest that shoppers “dress professionally” as it gets you better tips.

    I think this is the BIGGEST shame ever!!!

    Listen, I’m grocery shopping by myself, driving my own car, and have about 15 second exchanges with the people I deliver too. If you tip based on appearance I’d say it’s just another example of the rich punishing the poor for being poor.

    I show up clean, showered, and in sweat pants. Get over it and tip for the service NOT the appearance of the shopper.

    • cmckissack says:

      Hi Matthew – I don’t know what context that advice came from but if your profession is rushing around, procuring groceries, driving, moving to/from the car and sometimes heavy lifting, then your attire would be appropriate (for your profession). I’ve delivered and had groceries delivered and I’ve never considered what they were wearing when I tipped. I usually wore dark colors in case of spills and in the summertime, I just tried to keep cool! 😉

  2. Wallisha says:

    I am new to this and I’m assuming when delivery groceries you unload the items first at the door then knock or whatever they have informed you of? Is that correct

    • cmckissack says:

      Hi there! This is something that is entirely up to you. I normally would bring everything to the door and then knock/ring but there may be some instances when you have ice cream or other frozen items in your insulated back that you need to get into the customer’s freezer asap. What I usually did in the summer months was bring the insulated bag first, ring/knock, and ask the customer if they would like to take the freezer items from the insulated bag while I get the rest of the groceries. It really depends on the situation – use your best judgment and ‘think like a customer’.

  3. Drew Matteis says:

    The pay has changed since this was written. Shoppers are no longer paid per item. Instead, Instacart comes up with a random algorithm that has decreased all shopper pay at least 30 percent. Often shoppers are paid $7.00 for 30+ items and no tip. Also as contractors shoppers pay ALL expenses themselves. Gas, wear and tear, cell phone, taxes, etc. This has turned into a less than minimum wage job, particularly if customers don’t tip. Would you think of tipping your waitress less than 10 percent? Your shopper does more work, incurrs more expenses, and yet some people think no tip or $2 is fine. If you want to use this service please be appreciative of your shopper!

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