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Grocery Delivery Tip Guide

(Important updates added Nov 5th, 2018) Do you tip for grocery delivery? In my last post, I went into of detail about why, how, and when to tip for grocery delivery.  You ask, “Do...

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Instacart and Amazon Prime Whole Foods Delivery

Although Instacart and Shipt do markup Publix, Kroger, and Aldi groceries  Instacart does not markup Amazon-owned Whole Foods.  On their respective pages,  Instacart tells the customer in the fine print, that items on sale may...

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Instacart Shopper Service Top Ten Tips

People who sign up to be a contract Instacart Shopper are the entrepreneurs who are either looking to supplement income or take on a full-time opportunity that is active, engaging, and physically demanding.  They come...

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The Grocery Delivery Tip

The Tipping Point Tipping for grocery delivery services like Instacart and Shipt isn’t guaranteed.  Some customers even ask, “Should I leave a grocery delivery tip?”  In a previous post, I carefully detailed how not...

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How Much Does Grocery Delivery Cost?

Utilizing the convenience of grocery delivery is one of those things where you wonder how you got along without it.  So how much does grocery delivery cost?  The time saved by not having to...

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The Biggest Grocery Delivery Myth

Ever wonder if grocery delivery is worth it?  Curious about how Instacart prices grocery delivery?  Are you intrigued by never having to go grocery shopping again?  Look no further, I’m going to give you...

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